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Hep2o plumbing fittings  and pipe. Push-fit Hepworth Plumbing Fittings and Pipe, Hep2O includes unique features that enable quick and easy installation with a secure fitting. It is the only push-fit plumbing system with joint recognition, secure de mounting and a 50 year guarantee.

Hep2O plumbing fittings  (pronounced Hep 2 Oh) is Australia’s innovative and simple push fit plumbing system.  The Hep2O Push fit system requires no specialist tools for easy connection saving time  with assembly. Ease of connection and reduced installation time reduce costs.

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A unique feature of  is the Hep2o demounting system that in a click lets you un-joint connections and make changes saving lots of time  when simple or complex changes are required.

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Simple Installation – Hepworth Hep2O  Push Fit Plumbing System – Simply measure and  cut the pipe, insert the metal support sleeve in the pipe and firmly slide together using Hep2o connectors, bends, copper connectors.  Connecting to existing copper, galvanized, or other systems  is made easy with polybutylene / brass adapters.

Hep2o how the fitting and pipes join and seal.
Hep2o polybutylene pipe fits securely forming a water tight seal. Hep2o, the first and reversible plastic plumbing system. Easily installed without any specialist tools and fully reversable.

Hep2O plumbing fittings including Hepworth Wavern  polybutylene pipe can be used for the plumbing of hot and/or cold potable water systems in domestic or industrial applications as well as for piping argon, oxgen and some other gases as well as piping for pre mixed drinks.

Pipes can be cabled into position avoiding the awkward manoeuvring associated with rigid straight lengths. The installation of Hep20 does not need heat, solders flux, or special tools, and is a ‘clean’ system, eliminating major causes of corrosion in new systems.

Hep2O POLYBUTYLENE pipe cutter
Hepworth Hep2O POLYBUTYLENE pipe cutter
Inserting the support sleeve into the polybutylene pipe
Inserting the support sleeve into the polybutylene pipe

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HEP2O Plumbing Fittings FEATURES include;

Hep2O Plumbing Fittings  reduces installation time, eases of cabling, less jointing, lower wastage, high resistance to impact, rotatable fittings, reusable fittings, corrosion free, no scale build up, cool to touch and  adapts to existing copper or other plastic systems

Measure and cut in-situ,  Light, flexible and easy to work with . Reduced chance of pipes bursting due to freezing, Quiet

The Hep2O manifold for so that the same temperature of warm water is delivered to all outlets
The Hep2O manifold for so that the same temperature of warm water is delivered to all outlets

Unbelievable flexibility – reducing number of fittings, enabling pipe to be cabled in, out and around obstacles and no need for special bending tools.

Easier handling – Hep2o Polybutylene pipe is light and easy to manoeuvre even in tight spaces or overhead.

Easier to join – No need for oxyacetylene, just push-fit. Corrosion Free – Hep2o Polybuteyline  pipes do not corrode.

Water hammer reduced – Due to its inherent flexibility Polybutylene pipes significantly reduce water related noises and hence a quiet and efficient plumbing system.

No scale build up – PB pipes are not affected by scale or deposit build up and have a higher flow rates of clean water.

Why use Hep20 plumbing fittings?

Fittings like pipe are made from polybutylene.

Fittings can be rotated even when under pressure.

Hep2O Plumbing Fittings Approvals

Hep₂0 is manufactured under Standards Mark Licence No. 1963 and is approved for use in all States and Territories in Australia.

No need for special tools just push-fit. Approvals: Hep20 is licensed by SAI Global Limited, as complying with the requirements of Australia / New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 2642.2 & 3.1994.

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Please visit our page called before you order to make sure you read our advice about some key considerations when using Hep2o.

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