Hep2o advantages

Why Hepworth Hep2o pipe and fitting is a better better push fit plumbing option

Benefits to the Installer

  1. Reduced installation time.
  2. Reduce material costs.
  3. De-mountable fittings.  Change is easy with the special demount tool.
  4. No special tools required – No solder, oxy, compression devices are required to assemble Hep2o
  5. Connects to existing copper or other plastic systems – adapters available
  6. Full range of sizes up to 28mm (1″)
  7. Light, flexible and easy to work with

Benefits to the Customer

  1. Does not scale or corrode
  2. Long guarantee against product defects
  3. Reduced water hammer or water related noise**
  4. Non toxic

**Water hammer is a banging or vibrating sound that can occur in your water service pipe. What causes it? It mainly occurs when a tap or valve is suddenly closed, causing hydraulic shock waves to be transmitted through the pipe.


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